About Us

Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC in abbreviation hereinafter), a key player in China automotive industry with commercial vehicle as its core competitiveness, has been ranked as one of China Top 100 Listed Companies for consecutive years. Year 2014, JMC hit record highs in its business indexes with sales revenue reaching 25.5 billion RMB and volume over 276,000 units.

JMC, who has established international-standards-complied operating systems and mechanisms that integrate R&D, logistics, MS&S and financing supports, has been regarded as a model of successful sino-foreign cooperation. The company has set up a strong marketing network throughout China, Its products include: Kaiyun light truck, Baodian pickup, Yusheng SUV, Baowei BUV, which have become models of fuel saving, practicality and environment friendliness.

To pursue for ‘being stronger and bigger’, JMC people are seeking for broader development space and striving to build JMC“ To become a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer and distributor with commercial vehicle as its core competence”, expanding into advantaged and upcoming markets.